Monday, September 19, 2011

Absence from the BIC -- return from IRL

It seems to be a little quiet around here, and I just thought I would interject my 2 cents surrounding the memorial patch that the Orioles wore for Mike Flanagan. As a life-long Oriole diehard supporter, I was devastated to hear of Flanny's passing. Then I found out that he had committed suicide. It was shortly after that, that I found out the Orioles were going to be wearing a patch and I was shocked. SHOCKED because I could not believe my ears to hear (and read) that the Oriole organization was going to allow a patch to be worn, basically sensationalizing suicide. A month after the fact, I am still shocked that they did this. Am I the only one who feels this way? Or is it more an over-reaction. Its like the early reports from CNN on the tragedy in Reno (race flight crash) was a "MASS CASUALTY" when it was 3 people. NOW, before other people over-react, I am not making light of death. ANY death is tragic, but when you hear MASS CASUALTIES I think of 9/11, or the TWA bombings ... 3 to me, is not MASS CASUALTIES....ok, off my soapbox

With that being said, do we have ANY hope of a better NEXT year? As of the time of this note, we are 17 games below .500 and 15 games behind the next team...every team in our division is above .500 and here we are again sucking the cellar.