Sunday, January 3, 2010

Prove it, Andy.

This offseason, Andy MacPhail was interviewed by Steve Melewski from and he was asked if he'd ever offer a big contract to a FA under the "right" circumstances :

His answer:

"We've already done it. Did it last year."

It is referring to the Tex saga where the Orioles offered around 140 million which was the lowest offer out of all the initial offers given.

So fast forward to this offseason.

The O's are looking for a RH bat to hit in the cleanup spot, and would prefer that bat would be at 1B. Unfortunately there was no difference making bat that would meet all of that criteria.

Two bats that fit the majority of that description were Jason Bay and Matt Holliday.

The Orioles weren't interested in Bay, but Holliday on the other hand they "checked into" and supposedly "checked out" once they found out he wouldn't sign for 75 million.

Well there's a shocker. Holliday was going to get more than 75 million? Who would have thought that a guy who was worth 5.7 WAR last season, had multple All Star appearances and won the Silver Slugger three times, and is a Boras client to boot wouldn't sign for 75 million or less?

Apparently Andy MacPhail...

Now granted Boras was asking for 8/180 at the time, but you still don't go looking to sign somebody for less than half their original asking price...

But here's the kicker, Holliday's market is pretty much the St Louis Cardinals after most teams refused to pursue Holliday due to lack of payroll room, so now he's lowered his demands from 8/180 to something a little more reasonable after Bay is off the market and he's getting antsy.

But have the Orioles checked back in?

MacPhail vehemently denied a Fox Sports report of a 8/130 offer indicating he did just that.

Now I doubt that offer is realistic, but the Orioles should still be involved, because normally, Holliday would be getting a 7/140 offer, the same offer that the Orioles offered to Teixeira last season, but he's not, and therefore he's actually somewhat of a reasonable signing.

Now seeing as MacPhail loves bargains, a reasonable signing for slightly less than normal market value would seem like something he would be all over.

He could slot Holliday in the cleanup spot for the next couple of years at least until somebody like Wieters, Jones or Reimold would prove they were ready to take that slot, or if they were to acquire more of a power hitter and then Holliday could be moved up or down.

But regardless Holliday would fit most of the critera you would think MacPhail would be looking for to add to this team and lineup. He's RH, has a career .928 OPS in the cleanup spot and can be signed for below normal market value.

So isn't this the "right" circumstance to try add a bat? And didn't MacPhail say they would?

It's time to prove it.

Sign Matt Holliday Andy, and back up your words with an action, because if Holliday isn't the "right" circumstance, then I don't think any future FA bat will be under your tenure.


DJ... said...

So a player on the wrong side of 30 (he's over that hump in less than two weeks) at a position that is already crowded is worth a contract that will (based on the likelihood of backloading) pay him $22-23 million a year when he's 36?

I'm not opposed to the signing, but this is no slam dunk, no-brainer move. Especially if one thinks that the player the Orioles have who put up FAR better numbers in the minors can produce similar numbers at much better value and open up that money for a position where it is needed.

JTrea81 said...

Isn't it better to have Holliday and Reimold than just Reimold?

Of course Reimold is cheaper, but to add a bat of Holliday's caliber you are going to have to pay out a big contract. He's expensive because he's so talented.